Poliester Priboj was founded in 1962 in Priboj. From a small workshop, relying exclusively on its own potential, Poliester developed into a company with multiple factories, and it was the first and biggest composites manufacturer in the former Yugoslavia.

By answering the needs of the market, the trends, and the need to organize as better and as efficiently as possible, in 2011, Poliester Grupa was founded from Korporacija Poliester and its production goal was the fabrication of anti-hail rockets, pipes and tanks, items for the military industry, items for building and construction, items for the means of transportation, items used in agriculture, electric power industry, etc.

As such, Poliester Grupa existed until 2012, when a new functional and organizational division was made depending on the production activities with the biggest share and at that time two new legal entities were founded, such as Poliester Komponente d.o.o. Priboj and Poliester Cevi d.o.o. Priboj.

At that point, Poliester Komponente oriented towards the manufacture of automotive parts. In the period that followed, Poliester Komponente managed to maintain its position in the area of polyester manufacture for the automotive industry and in the meantime, it became one of the most significant polyester manufacturers in the region. Today, this company performs its business activities in the area of 12.000m2 in four production workshops and four warehouses, applying at the same time 20 different production operations.




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